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Founded in 2011, Inter Secom Production is a company specializing in the installation and repair of internet and telephone networks for businesses and individuals, for the benefit of major leaders in the Belgian telecommunications market.

For this, ISP ensures the recruitment, as well as the basic and continuing training of technicians, in each region of the country.

As a rapidly growing company, we are constantly on the lookout for new talent to join our motivated team.

If you are interested, motivated, keen to grow and be part of a team of professionals, we invite you to take a look here.

Inter Secom Production is an active and appreciated player in the Telecom market.

Our offer includes among others:

  • making simple connections,
  • the installation and extensions of home networks (copper, fiber, Wi-Fi,...)
  • complete installation of internet and telephony,
  • B2B maintenance,
  • repairs (REPAIR) for individuals.

We are also active in the SMART and home automation fields, where several smart solutions are combined.

Finally, we also have expertise in the field of security and connected alarms.

Managing the recruitment, basic and ongoing training of all our employees is essential for us, and we make it a point of honor.

During recruitment, we discuss with candidates their attitudes at work, their technical, linguistic and communication skills. It is important to have employees who want to develop, train and above all be motivated!

We are constantly setting up training courses so that our technicians are always up to date with the latest developments in their field, because we are in a constantly changing environment.


Within ISP, every employee counts, and we have seen the importance of training and motivation. This not only guarantees us happy teams, but also quality work for the benefit of all.

Inter Secom Production

A trained, united and motivated team.
ICT expertise, which evolves every day.
Completely satisfied customers.