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We are currently looking for:

  • Unsolicited applications ;
  • Telecom Technician in the regions of Kortrijk - Waregem;
  • Telecom Technician in the regions of Geel - Mol;
  • Telecom Technician in the regions of the Driehoek Mol - Turnhout - Ranst triangle;
  • Telecom Technician in the regions of the Bertem - Aarschot - Tienen triangle;
  • Telecom Technician in the regions of Pelt - Lommel - Peer - Hechtel.

What we ask you :

  • Flexibility / no mentality 9-16...
  • Be in possession of a category B driving license;
  • To be able to manage and process complaints;
  • Knowing how to work independently;
  • Be friendly / have good contact with customers;
  • Be motivated and eager to learn;
  • Language skills: depending on the area of ​​action, Dutch or French as mother tongue, bilingual if possible.
  • Basics of electricity:
  • Basic rules and principles;
  • Conductor, insulator, capacitor, resistor, etc.
  • Direct current and alternating current;
  • Understanding and application of basic laws;
  • Interpretation and analysis of an electrical diagram;
  • Symbols and units of measure;
  • Use of the universal measuring device;
  • Basic operations with numbers.
  • Basic concepts and principles of TCP / IP and networks;
  • Routers and wifi configuration;
  • Basic operations in Windows (8 and 10);
  • Understand Windows applications: browser and mail.

What we offer you :

  • an attractive salary,
  • continuous training,
  • a company car (with fuel card),
  • a GSM subscription,
  • a serene working environment,
  • and be able to work with a great team!

Are you interested ?

Send us a quick email at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !!!

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