Inter Secom Production

Inter Secom Production is a subcontractor of Unit-T, which itself is part of the Solution 30 SE group, a listed company with branches in France, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

We are active in the Telecoms sectors and our team is made up of motivated workers, spread across the four corners of Belgium.

In addition, we are progressing rapidly and have been in constant evolution since 2011. In the growth of the market for new digital technologies, technical services are becoming more and more essential.

By merging the installation and repair businesses of the two leading market leaders, ISP is seizing these growth opportunities as effectively as possible.

Ekrem Uluc, graduated in 2009 in electrical engineering, first started working in the field of security, more specifically that of alarms. He then developed a passion for telecoms and then turned to them.

After having created the ISP company in 2011, Ekrem understands directly that training and concern for the well-being of each worker is essential for a healthy organization and an environment where both customer and worker feel good.
This is why he has made and still makes a point of motivation, training and well-being at work.

Ekrem's motto is: “Work Smarter NOT Harder”.

Today, ISP collaborates with technicians in every region of the country, and is constantly evolving.

Inter Secom Production

A trained, united and motivated team.
ICT expertise, which evolves every day.
Completely satisfied customers.